Copper inside,
Corona outside

Introducing The Safest Surgical Mask In The World

Eliminates the COVID-19 in One Minute


Key Features

99.9% Virus repelling on the atomic level

Soft, Smooth and easy to breath fabric

Trace amount of Copper is active for life time

Powered by Israeli engineering and patents

CE certified (IIR, EN14683)

Cost less than the N95, provides better protection



Reduce the risk of self infection from the mask surface

Same Copper particles eliminates new viruses every single day, for ever

No painful, pointless and expensive respirator experience

Save the planet: regular masks DO NOT recycle

The Science

Why Use Copper Inside mask

Surgical mask


Copper Inside

Anti Viral 



Anti Bacterial



Lifetime Active 



CE/FDA Certificates



Surgical mask

MultiuseAnti Viral PropertiesEasy To BreathProtect User From Self Infection From Mask Outer Surface1 Month of Usage Under 5$CE/FDA CertificatesSterile

N95 mask

MultiuseAnti Viral PropertiesEasy To BreathProtect User From Self Infection From Mask Outer Surface1 Month of Usage Under 5$CE/FDA CertificatesSterile

Copper Inside Mask

MultiuseAnti Viral PropertiesEasy To BreathProtect User From Self Infection From Mask Outer Surface1 Month of Usage Under 5$CE/FDA CertificatesSterile

The Technology

Odds are you already own copper products or at least used them many times before.
Just take on Amazon and search for copper.
Over 100,000 results: Kitchenware, Jewelry, garments, medical and the list go on and on. Copper is everywhere, serving humanity mining it for generations. According to Egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians used copper tools to literally build the pyramids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry other types of masks?
No. The single product available is copper-inside surgical mask (IIR). Please note that it’s a medical device (CE class 1) and not a respirator (such as N95).
How does it feel to wear it?
Perfect. Just the same as any other sterile professional-grade surgical mask you see in hospitals. This is a product that was designed to provide excellent medical protection and at the same time provide comfort of use.
Is it better than N95?

Yes. N95 type masks are painful to wear and breathe through since they have an inner layer of carbon filter that blocks hazardous materials. It was designed for other purposes - metal factory workers, firemen and so on. This is why it is called a respirator and not a mask. 

The CDC has already determined that for the purpose of infection protection a surgical mask (with or without copper) is as good as N95.

Who certified the masks?

The copper inside masks passed all needed regulatory tests and vetted by the German firm TUV SUD. The product carries CE certifications.  Documentation will be provided upon request.

What does the mask have to do with Israel?

The core copper oxide technology was developed in Israel and was approved by the FDA in 2018. 

Why do you only ship in bulk?

Due to the corona crisis and lockdowns selling to consumers online is challenging. 

Bulk shipments are handled on a case by case and zip code by zip code basis. 

A minimum order is a Pallet of 24,000 masks (12 Cartons in each 40 Boxes in each 10 Bags in each 5 masks).

Is there a copper mask for kids?

No. Right now the Copper Inside mask comes in "adult" only size. 

Can i use the same mask every day?

The copper oxide particles are potent for life and their ability to repel viruses do not decline significally over time. However each country has it's own regulations with regard to the use of  medical devices, this mask included, esepcially in times of a global pandemic. Some countries recomend to re-use masks and some do not. Please make sure that you are using the mask in compaliance with your country/region policy.  For clarity sake the Copper Inside mask is categrorised as "disposabale" - please consult your local public health officials in case of a doubt.  

How to clean the Copper Inside mask?

The mask does not need to be cleaned or washed, and retains its properties even when it is dirty. However, if you wish to clean, light stains (i.e. Makeup etc.) of the mask surface, please use a warm, damp cloth or sponge with light pressure on the Masks’ surface, and let it dry for at least 30 min.

When cleaning, care must be taken not to physically damage the mask surface.

Do not use any makeup remover or detergents materials for cleaning the mask.


What are the Usage Instruction of the Mask?

- Place the nasal wire on top

- Press the nasal wire firmly to cover the nose

- The side on which the earlobe is not connected should face the face

- The mask should cover the mouth and nose

- On the side, the mask should adhere to the face, around the nose and under the chin

- If you feel irritation during use, replace the mask or stop using it

- Do not use the mask if it is torn or physically damaged in any way as the level of protection will be reduced

- Recommended use: minimum 7 days to a month depending on Masks’s physical condition.


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